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convert VHS to DVD and video tapes to digital Service Sydney Australia

Works Perfect transfers VHS to DVD & video tapes to digital uploaded to cloud service.

Conveniently located in Sydney CBD, Works Perfect provides the highest quality in VHS to Digital conversion and all types of video tapes to DVD & transfer to cloud service.

For the perfect gift idea convert your old video tapes to a digital format. Visit us at Works Perfect.

We offer a fast, professional service in converting VHS to DVD. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. With any questions in regards to converting your video tapes to digital or audio tape to cloud.

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Convert Video Tapes to DVD

Works Perfect provides unmatched quality in video tape to DVD transfer service.

Converting VHS to DVD. All other old video tapes like VHS, VHS-C (compact), MiniDV, DVCAM, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDVD, BetaMax, MicroMV, BetaCam and U-Matic.

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Transfer Video Tape to Digital

Transfer video tape to digital files to MP4 onto a USB stick. Onto external portable hard drive (HDD) or onto cloud storage to be accessed played and download any time, anywhere.

Converting VHS to digital service to be played, backed up or edited on your Mac or PC. Computers, laptop, Ipad, IOS or Android mobile smart phone or on a smart TV.

We make it easy for you to watch all your video footage.

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Uploading Video Tapes to Cloud

Want an easy way to watch and or download your video tapes anywhere, anytime. Send us your video tapes and we will upload the video files to our cloud service.

Provide you with a link to download the video files onto any device that has internet access. Anywhere in the world.

Or click on a provided link and watch the video files on any device. TV’s, Iphone’s, IPads, Andriod Phones, Tablets, PC, Macbooks just to name a few.

Converting your VHS tapes to cloud has never been more easier with Works Perfect.

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Convert DVD to MP4 or Blu-ray disc to ProRes Digital Conversion

Convert DVD’s to MP4 or AVI files or any other digital format required.

Blu-ray Discs to Apple ProRes & M2TS digital files to be backed up. Onto a USB stick, portable hard drive or uploaded to our cloud storage for you to access.

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Works Perfect YouTube video converting VHS to DVD service

Don’t throw away your damaged or broken video tapes!

We repair video tapes and clean mold/fungus/mildew build up from the video tape – Enquire with us today!

If your tapes require repair or cleaning from mildew/mold build up. It will cost an additional $25.00 to $70.00 per tape to have it cleaned up and or repaired.

Allowing VHS to digital conversion or other video tapes to DVD.

Broken VHS tapes
dirty VHS tape & Video tape cleaning machine

Video tapes to cloud storage transfer

We now provide a service in transferring all you old video tape to digital. Upload onto our cloud storage service.

We share a link with you to access your video files. Downloaded the files onto your PC, Macbook, IPad, Tablet, TV or mobile phones.

With the ability to just watch the video files directly form the cloud service on your devices.

Converting tapes to full HD 1080 digital video files to a Blu-ray disc or DVD. Inquire with us for pricing.

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Why Choose Works Perfect to convert video tape to digital service & convert VHS to DVD

  • We guarantee the highest quality in digitizing video tapes to DVD transfer.
  • Video tape to digital conversion at competitive prices.
  • Exact picture quality from video to DVD conversion, and video tapes to digital MP4 conversion.
  • Professional broadcasting and domestic equipment are used to convert all types of video tape to digital.
  • Complete privacy in converting your tapes to digital.
  • Deal directly with the business and technician who converts VHS to DVD.
  • Very fast turnaround time in converting hi8 to digital, mini DV to DVD. Converting video tapes to digital quickly and efficiently.
  • We professionally copy your tapes to digital in our 24 hour secure premises. We are located in a shopping centre which has 24 hour security. All work is carried out in our shop.
  • We value your privacy.
  • We understand the importance of keeping your video tapes in the same condition. We return all tapes back to our customers and ensure there is no quality loss.
  • We strive to be professional, honest and transparent with our customers. Ensuring that your experience with us is an impressive one in getting your VHS to digital.
  • Our customers become in some way part of the Works Perfect family.
Video tape to DVD transfer and 8mm tapes to digital service

Works Perfect accept jobs Australia wide!

Pop into our shop or post in your tapes to convert videos to DVD.

If you are going to post in your video tapes. Please fill in the contact form located at the bottom of this page to get in contact with us.

We will contact you with more information on how to post your video tapes.

Deal direct with the professionals in converting video tapes to digital

We have over 25 years experience in converting video tapes to DVD.

Using professional equipment to ensure the highest quality in transferring old home movie. VHS to DVD, miniDV to MP4, hi8 to cloud or USB/HDD and other digital formats to suit your requirements.

Thinking about converting your own video tapes to digital yourself DIY – check out on how to do it here

Why it’s important to digitize old video tapes

Over the years video tapes get older, deteriorating much quicker. As a result, the footage loses it’s quality.

Transferring the tapes to DVD or other digital formats like MP4. Preserves the quality and will never deteriorate the quality of the video as it is locked into a digital form.

Why wait any longer, we promise the highest quality in video tape to DVD conversion. Get Works Perfect to convert your VCR to DVD today.

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